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Bedroom windows are equipped with security shutters which can be used at night to block out any light and provide privacy, they will also help to keep the bedrooms cooler in hot weather. Please leave them down when leaving the property at any time.

To pull the shutters down you need to pull the rope towards you and to release the lock and then upwards. Gravity will then assist in lowering the shutters. Please be careful when you raise or lower shutters as they can be temperamental if used too vigorously. If a shutter does get stuck you may need to give the actual shutter a gentle tug to get it to lower.

A hairdryer is provided in each bedroom.

Both bedrooms will be fitted with clean bed linen and with guest towels for use within the apartment. Fitted wardrobes also have a chest of drawers in & are equipped with coat hangers.


The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

The Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom